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Your pet is supposed to display calmness and happiness, but unfortunately, sometimes anxious behavior can manifest in our pets. Anxiety can manifest in various ways, from trembling or shaking to panting, drooling, barking, hiding, and more. At Mauston Pet Hospital in Mauston, WI, we can help our clients identify and manage anxiety issues with their pets. Some of the reasons why your pet might be anxious include the following: 



As you already know, dogs are social animals and can become extremely anxious when left alone for extended periods. Separation anxiety can be an issue amongst pets, so it's important to watch out for signs of distress after you have been away from them or if you are about to leave. Our veterinarian can help assist you with advice in helping your pets cope with anxiety. 

Noise Phobias

Dogs of all ages can become anxious due to loud noises, such as fireworks or thunderstorms. While some dogs may seem startled by the sounds, others can become extremely distressed and might benefit from intervention to reduce their anxiety. In some cases, noise phobias can be managed with behavior modification and training, but in some severe cases, medication may be necessary.

Change in Routine

Your dog is already used to a specific routine, and any changes to that routine might cause anxiety. For example, visitors or new family members may create unease in your pet until he becomes used to them. To help ease the transition for your pet, it may be important to provide plenty of reassurance and rewards during this period. Ensure you maintain the same routine so your pet doesn't feel overwhelmed.

Painful Surgeries

Surgeries form one of the treatment approaches veterinarians use to help manage the health of their patients. While a successful surgery can be a lifesaver for your pet, the stress associated with anesthesia and the pain associated with healing may lead to anxiety in some animals. If your dog is anxious after or before surgery, it might be helpful to talk to our vet so that he can provide appropriate medication for pain relief.

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At Mauston Pet Hospital in Mauston, WI, we understand how difficult it can be for pet owners when their animals display anxious behavior. Our team is dedicated to helping you and your pet find the best anxiety management solution. Contact us today to learn how we can help you and your pet. Call us at (608) 847-6024 for more information about pet anxiety and anesthesia from our veterinarian on our veterinary team.

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