Parasite Prevention

Fleas and ticks are two parasites that are attracted to an animal’s body. These parasites feed off of the blood of their host and can cause skin irritations and infections. Our veterinarians at Mauston Pet Hospital in Mauston, WI, can assist you with treating an infestation, and may recommend a few preventative care methods to help protect your furry pet.

Use a Product That Was Purchased From a Veterinary Clinic

Our veterinarians near Wisconsin Dells may suggest that you use an oral or topical product to protect your pet from pests. These preventative products provide around the clock protection. Medicated shampoos can be used to treat an infestation, but will not prevent other pests from coming into contact with your pet’s body. 

Read the instructions that are included with any product that you purchase. Avoid applying a topical product to your animal's eyes, nose, or ears. If you are treating an infestation, you will need to comb your pet's fur after a product has been administered.

Treat and Inspect Each Animal

If you own more than one pet, they will all need to be treated on the same occasion. After walking your animals or spending time with them in your yard, inspect each of your pets’ bodies to ensure that the ticks or fleas have not come into contact with any of them. A pair of tweezers can be used to safely remove ticks that have latched onto your pets’ body.

Before removing a tick, move your pets to a well-lit area, and speak calmly to them so that they do not become alarmed. Comb the fur that surrounds the tick so that the hair is not covering the parasite. Use the ends of the tweezers to grasp the tick's body. Mow your lawn regularly and avoid walking your pets in the woods or in areas that contain dense foliage to minimize the chance of coming into contact with fleas and ticks. 

Make Routine Appointments with Our Veterinarians near Wisconsin Dells

Mauston Pet Hospital in Mauston, WI, offers emergency vet services for pets who are having an allergic reaction to fleas and ticks. We can help your companion animal feel better after a parasite infestation. If you have questions regarding keeping your pet safe from fleas and ticks, or if you would like to schedule an appointment with our veterinary team, call us at 920-344-4975.



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