Mental Stimulation For Cats

Mental Stimulation for Cats Keeps Them Happy and Healthy

Cats have a reputation for being asleep more than they are awake. What you may not realize is cats sleep a lot to save energy for the hunt. Your cat may not have much in the way of hunting instincts, but she is going to do what cats have evolved to do, mostly just eating, sleeping, and playing. You can help keep your cat healthy through mental stimulation and regular visits to our vet near Wisconsin Dells at Mauston Pet Hospital. Let’s take a look at why mental stimulation for cats is an important part of cat care.


Eliminate Unwanted Behaviors

A misbehaving cat is most likely a cat that is not getting enough mental or physical stimulation. A cat that is not engaged is a cat with a lot of pent-up energy that is going to get released in unwanted ways. You might see your cat attacking the curtains to the point she is shredding the fabric or pulling them down altogether. Cats will also sharpen their claws on off-limit objects or attack other cats or pets in the household to the point of drawing blood. These behaviors can be reduced or eliminated by regular playtime and the use of interactive toys that keep her occupied.

Reduce Stress

A lack of mental stimulation for cats can cause a cat to stress out. Stress in cats shows up in different forms that may include an inability to relax, won't stick around for affection or petting, always alert, pacing, and being awake for far longer than usual. Litter box usage may change for the worse because the cat does not feel safe while using the box. Engaging your cat with toys that make your cat use her mind and body results in stress relief and makes your cat turn back into a relaxed, happy feline.

Alleviate Boredom

Cats get bored and depressed if they are not receiving enough mental stimulation. This shows up in the form of listlessness, a lack of desire to engage, and sleeping more than usual. Yes, it is possible for a cat to sleep a lot more than she already does. Your cat may not be interested in affection, cuddling, or sleeping with you, or even interacting with other people or pets in the household. Scheduling regular playtime gets your cat's body and mind moving which alleviates the effects of boredom.

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