Mast Cell Tumor (Mastocytoma) in Cats

Mast Cell Tumor Treatment from Mauston Pet Hospital

There are a number of common healthcare problems that pet owners might have to deal with. Some of these problems might even involve surgery. One of the common problems that cats can develop that might require surgery is called a mastocytoma. When pet owners hear that their cat is going to require surgery, this can lead to a lot of stress. Fortunately, with the attention of a trained veterinarian, most cats will be fine following a simple surgical procedure. The dedicated team from Mauston Pet Hospital is here to make sure that everyone has access to a trained veterinarian near Wisconsin Dells.


What is a Mast Cell Tumor?

For those who might not know, a mastocytoma is a collection of cells from the immune system. These cells are responsible for responding appropriately to infections and injuries. Sometimes, these cells can start to divide out of control. This can lead to the development of a tumor. Often, pet owners noticed these tumors while bathing their cats. They can feel them underneath the surface of the skin. Other times, they might not get noticed until the cat goes in for a routine physical exam. Regardless, there are treatment options available for cats who have developed this type of tumor.

What is the Treatment of a Mast Cell Tumor?

When a cat has been diagnosed with this tumor, the primary treatment option of surgery. The veterinarian is going to discuss the surgical procedure in-depth with the family before any decisions are made. Fortunately, this surgery is commonly performed by trained veterinarians who are comfortable with this operation. The cat is going to be taken back to the operating room. Anesthesia is going to be given to place the pet to sleep. Then, the surgery will be completed. The tumor will be removed. Then, slices of the tumor will be taken and it will be analyzed under a microscope for signs of cancer. If further treatment is required, this will be discussed with the family.

Trust the Team from Mauston Pet Hospital

This is one of the most common causes of cancer the cats face. Fortunately, this cancer can also be treated with the help of a trained veterinarian. But the proper medical care, most cats will make a full recovery. To learn more about this disease and the treatment options, call the team from Mauston Pet Hospital. We are here to help the citizens of Wisconsin Dells with all veterinary care. We specialize in animal care in a variety of areas. We also offer emergency vet services. Call us today at (608) 847-6024 to make an appointment with a member of our friendly team!

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