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Taking care of a geriatric pet can be an intimidating task. Most dogs and cats are considered geriatrics at seven years of age. However, some large dog breeds are considered geriatrics at six years of age. At Mauston Pet Hospital, our veterinarian has years of experience helping residents of Mauston, WI care for their senior pets.

Old age comes with many potential complications. The most common illnesses associated with old age in pets are cancer, heart diseases, liver disease, diabetes, arthritis, senility, and weakness. To keep these diseases in check and initiate treatment at an early stage, it is necessary to regularly visit a vet near Wisconsin Dells who will conduct a pet exam to assess the general health of your geriatric pet.


The pet exam procedure involves tests like:

  • Blood tests: Taking blood samples to determine the presence of any disease.
  • Urinalysis: A small sample of urine is tested to detect infections, kidney problems, diabetes, or liver problems.
  • Parasite screening: A stool sample Is examined under the microscope to determine the existence of parasites.

Our veterinarian will assess your pet’s test results to determine whether or not they are suffering from any disease. If so, our veterinarian will provide your pet with the necessary treatment. Every pet owner wishes to spend as much quality time as possible with their pets. This desire cannot be attained unless pet owners are aware of the proper methods of caring for an aging pet. Below are some tips that may be of great help.

Increased Attention

Senior pets need to be taken to the clinic more often than younger pets for closer monitoring and early detection of diseases. Since their immune system is weak, it is prudent to undertake preventive measures.

Environmental Consideration

Senior pets are generally slow and weaker than they were before. Avoid putting your geriatric pet into intense, strenuous situations. This can be achieved by playing with them indoors and keeping a close eye on them when letting them outside.

Diet and Nutrition

Senior pets need easily digestible foods. They also need foods with different calorie levels and ingredients. Nutrients available in specially-formulated senior pet food will provide your pet with the energy and immunity they need.

Parasite Control

Since their immune system is low, geriatric pets cannot fight off disease as easily as young pets. This is why early detection of parasites is so important. Addressing parasites before they become a problem is the best way to ensure the health of your senior pet.

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