Flea and Tick Prevention

When you have a pet, one of the most important ways that you can care for it is to make sure it is safe from fleas and ticks. Both fleas and ticks can adversely affect the health of your pet. It is vital to protect the health of your pets with flea and tick prevention medication. If your furry friend needs flea and tick medication and you live in or around Mauston, contact Mauston Pet Hospital to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kaleka.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Pets and Fleas

Having fleas is a lot more than just annoying for pets. Flea bites can be serious to the health of your pets and can cause several health problems. Fleas can spread bacteria to pets through their bites, and they can also cause other problems.

The saliva of fleas is highly allergenic, and pets generally have bad reactions to their bites. Getting allergic dermatitis from flea bites is extremely common. However, the bites can also cause a variety of other allergic reactions, some of which are quite serious.

Flea bites can also spread bacterial diseases and cause anemia with their bites. They can even give your pet tapeworms. It is important to keep your pets on flea and tick prevention medication at all times so they are not vulnerable to health problems from these bites.

Pets and Ticks

In many ways, tick bites can be even worse than flea bites. Many diseases are spread by ticks, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease are just the tip of the iceberg. Ticks stay in constant contact with your pet's bloodstream, and this can lead to a host of bacterial infections that can be serious or even fatal.

Conditions like tick paralysis can also be caused by these bites. If you have a dog or cat, it needs to stay on prevention medication to safeguard your pet’s health. The diseases spread by ticks can cause dehydration that can quickly become serious.

Get Flea and Tick Prevention in Mauston, WI

There are several ways that flea and tick medication can be administered to pets. The most common is a tablet or pill that protects for anywhere from a month to several months. There is also an injection that pets can get to keep them free from fleas and ticks for a year. If your pet needs flea and tick preventative medication, Dr. Kaleka at Mauston Pet Hospital is here to help. Call our team today at (608) 847-6024 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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