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Pet dermatology issues pose a risk to your pet’s health. Recurring rashes or skin irritations could be signs of allergies, flea infestation, or a hidden medical issue. If your pet suffers from dermatology issues, our Mauston, WI veterinarian can help. At Mauston Pet Hospital, we’ll pinpoint the source of the problem to alleviate your pet’s condition. These FAQs explain more about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of pet dermatology issues.


What types of skin problems can develop in my dog or cat?

Dogs and cats are prone to developing a number of skin problems over their lifespans, to include skin irritation, rash, open sores, hot spots, allergic reactions, dry, itchy skin, and fur loss. Mild problems may resolve on their own or be easily treated with topical creams or ointments. Skin problems that persist for more than a few days should be reported to our veterinarian before they escalate into infections or other serious health issues.

What causes dermatology issues in pets?

Various factors can lead to skin problems in pets. Flea or tick bites can cause irritation or rash. Your pet may have an allergic reaction to chemicals in grooming or cleaning products or substances in his environment. Food allergies can cause skin problems in your pet. Dermatology problems can also be symptoms of a hidden medical issue that needs to be diagnosed and treated.

Can pet allergies be cured to eliminate skin problems?

Although pet allergies cannot be cured, you can reduce or eliminate symptoms by identifying and removing the allergen from your pet’s environment. If he’s allergic to chemicals in grooming products, for example, you can stop using that particular product. Through testing, our Mauston, WI veterinarian can uncover the source of your pet’s allergy so you can eliminate it from his environment or diet to help control skin problems.

How are pet dermatology issues treated?

Our veterinarian will thoroughly examine your pet and run skin or blood tests to determine what’s causing skin irritation or other symptoms. This enables you to rectify the problem at the source. If your pet has fleas or ticks, these can be treated with medication. Reducing your pet’s exposure to allergy-causing products or environmental elements will eliminate allergic reactions on his skin. Changing your pet’s diet can eliminate symptoms caused by food allergies. Our Mauston vet may also recommend topical creams or other medications to relieve itching, dryness, and other skin irritations.

See Our Mauston Veterinarian for Your Pet’s Dermatology Issues

By working closely with our vet Mauston, your pet can overcome skin problems and enjoy restored health. To schedule a consultation for diagnosis and treatment of dermatology issues in your pet, contact us at Mauston Pet Hospital by calling (608) 847-6024 today.

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