When to Worry about Pets Coughing and Sneezing


Pets occasionally sneeze and cough, and one sneeze here or one cough there doesn't mean much. If your pet starts repeatedly coughing or sneezing, you are right to be concerned. The reason for the coughing or sneezing may still be simple, but it's time to have your pet checked out to ensure the cause is identified. At Mauston Pet Hospital in Mauston, WI, we can help you figure out what's going on.

Core Causes

Both coughing and sneezing can be the result of irritation, such as from allergens and particulate matter in the air (e.g., wildfire smoke). But other diseases can be behind them, such as influenza or heart disease. If the coughing or sneezing started abruptly in the presence of a new material, and your pet’s symptoms stop when the material is gone, chances are that your pet's nose or lungs were just irritated. You should still bring your pet in to see our veterinarian. After a general pet exam, our vet can test for allergies or related causes. You'll be able to keep your pet away from those acute causes once you know what they are.

The idea of your pet having a chronic disease is scary, but sneezing and coughing will at least alert you to the fact that something is wrong. If your pet continues to cough or sneeze, and you can't find any immediate suspects, bring your pet to see our veterinarian as soon as possible. Soft coughing in dogs, for example, can be a sign of cardiovascular problems. You may also see other symptoms, like a pet sneezing and developing a rash, bloody coughs, or a pet becoming very lethargic. But even if the only symptoms are repeated coughing and sneezing, the vet should be able to discover what's really happening.

Don't Assume Things Are Fine

Visit us at Mauston Pet Hospital in Mauston, WI if you need a vet near Wisconsin Dells. If your pet is coughing or sneezing, contact us at (608) 847-6024. Our staff can investigate pet sneezing and pet coughing to find out why it's happening and what treatments are needed.

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