Managing Separation Anxiety

Managing Separation Anxiety

Frustration, boredom, fear, and anxiety are the leading culprits behind separation anxiety in pets. If your pet makes gloomy sounds and clings to you as you prepare to leave the house, only to return and find the house wrecked, these are telltale signs of separation anxiety. Our experts at Mauston Pet Hospital in Mauston can help your pet beat separation anxiety. Let’s look at some details on managing separation anxiety.

What is Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is a behavioral irregularity in pets that occurs when you leave the pet alone at home. Pets suffering from separation anxiety lack enough mental and physical stimulation. When your pet clings to you emotionally, they become frustrated, anxious, and afraid when you are away. Veterinarians suggest seeking the right professional approach to getting your pet to feel confident enough to stay home and behave in your absence. Contact us for professional insight and help to manage separation anxiety in pets.

When It’s Time to Consult the Veterinarian

Separation anxiety in most pets is mild and usually not concerning. However, there are some signs to watch out for that could indicate a severe issue that needs prompt addressing by our professionals.

Common signs of separation anxiety that indicate you should see a vet include:

    • Unusual drooling and panting

    • Excessive barking, whining, and howling

    • Digging holes, chewing furniture, or vigorously scratching various surfaces

    • When a potty-trained dog starts having frequent ‘accidents’ indoors

    • Frequent escape attempts

    • Obsessive pacing

How We Can Help

Understanding why your pet is reacting in a particular way enables you to correctly address the root cause of separation anxiety. Our veterinarian undertakes rigorous tests on your pet to rule out the possibility of an underlying medical issue. If your pet has a clean bill of health, they carefully assess your pet and recommend various solutions to help improve your pet’s behavior.

We draft an intricate training and diet program to equip your pet with the necessary tools to cope normally in your presence or absence. In the meantime, seeking pet boarding services gives your pet a smoother transition by ensuring they are not alone, even if you’ll only be away briefly.

Contact Mauston Pet Hospital in Mauston, WI

Does your pet’s separation anxiety get on your nerves? Punishing and scolding only make matters worse. At Mauston Pet Hospital in Mauston, Dr. Kaleka has the answer to your problems. Call our team today at (608) 847-6024 to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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