Protect Your Dog or Cat from Heartworm Disease

Protect Your Dog or Cat from Heartworm Disease

Protect Your Dog or Cat from Heartworm Disease 

We at Mauston Pet Hospital are here to help keep your dog or cat safe from heartworm disease. We at a veterinary clinic in Mauston, WI, that is here to help your pet companions get healthy and stay healthy. One common threat pets face is heartworm disease, a dangerous and potentially fatal condition.

Understanding Heartworm Disease

This dangerous condition is caused by a parasite transmitted through mosquito bites. The larvae make their way into the bloodstream and mature into adult heartworms, eventually causing great harm to the body’s oragans. It can cause severe lung disease, heart failure, and cause a number of painful and dangerous symptoms. Early detection and prevention are key to protecting your pet from this disease.

Prevention with Regular Veterinary Check-ups

Regular visits to our veterinarian can help prevent heartworm disease. We can perform a simple test to detect heartworm. If detected early, treatment can be more effective. If your pet is a cat and if heartworm progresses your cat’s heart, there is approved medication to treat it.

Preventive measures an effective way to protect your pet. Regular application of preventive treatments can keep your pet safe and give you peace of mind.

Trust Us at Mauston Pet Hospital for Your Pet's Care

Our team, led by the experienced Dr. Jagjit S. Kaleka, has decades of experience and provides a caring environment for your pets. We can provide preventative care and education, so pet owners understand the risks and take necessary steps to protect their pets.

Get Heartworm Prevention from Our Veterinarian on Our Veterinary Team

Our dedicated veterinary team at Mauston Pet Hospital in Mauston, WI, is here to guide you through the best preventative measures available. Remember, early detection and prevention are your pet's best defense against this life-threatening condition. Schedule an appointment today by calling us at (608) 847-6024 to help ensure your pet lives a happy, healthy life.

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