Asthma Treatment for Your Pet

Frequent bouts of wheezing and coughing may be signs that your dog or cat has asthma. The symptoms of asthma can disrupt your pet's life and even contribute to a serious asthmatic episode. At Mauston Pet Hospital, serving Mauston, WI, and the surrounding area, we diagnose and provide asthma management techniques to manage your pet's condition.


About Asthma in Your Pet

Asthma is a condition that hinders the breathing of your pet. It's more prevalent of a concern in cats than in dogs. The breeds that have flat faces like Persians and pugs suffer from asthma more than other breeds. Allergies are often the cause of an asthma attack in pets.

During asthma attacks, your pet's airways become constricted. Mucus buildup gathers in your pet's airways, which stimulates inflammation. It's even possible for ulceration in your animal's airways to occur. As a result of the inflammation, the muscles in your pet's airways constrict, limiting air from passing through normally.

Sometimes, an episode arises without an obvious cause. However, allergens or irritants are often the culprits of your pet's breathing distress. Some possible triggers of an asthma episode include:

  • grass, ragweed, or pollen
  • air pollution
  • dust mites
  • aerosol sprays
  • dust
  • mold
  • mildew

Signs That Your Pet Has Asthma

You should listen to your pet breathing occasionally. Take note of any signs of asthma. Some symptoms of asthma in pets include the following:

  • coughing
  • wheezing
  • labored breathing
  • open-mouthed breathing
  • exercise intolerance

How We Can Help

If you notice any signs that your dog or cat has asthma, you should schedule an appointment with our veterinarian near Wisconsin Dells. We offer diagnostic testing as well as treatment methods to manage the condition in addition to family education for further assistance.

First, at your pet's vet visit, our vet will ask you to fill out a complete medical history about your pet. During the appointment at our veterinary clinic, our animal doctor will listen to your pet breathe to listen for any signs of congestion and wheezing. 0ften, our vet will perform testing to further diagnose the problem. For instance, our vet may evaluate your pet for heartworm, bacterial infections, or lungworm. Our veterinary care specialist may also recommend your pet receives an X-ray. This particular diagnostic tool allows our vet to examine your pet's chest for signs of bronchial inflammation.

Treating Pet Asthma

The treatment may consist of cortisone, steroids, or antihistamines. The medication will either be an inhalant or an oral drug. Sometimes, your pet may require more than one treatment to effectively manage his or her condition. Our vet will also advise you on ways you can help manage your pet's asthma.

If you live in Mauston, WI or the surrounding area, and you suspect your pet may have asthma, call Mauston Pet Hospital today at (608) 847-6024 to schedule an appointment.

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